God's Grace

Jesus is ready to work with you today. He knows who you are. He knows where you come from. He knows everything that you have ever done. And He is calling you on purpose, for a purpose. You are uniquely gifted for a mission that He has planned for you and there is no one else who can accomplish it. Get ready to experience all of God's promises. Get ready to receive blessings and super-abundant favor. Jesus Christ, the one and only God, has chosen you to achieve great things. Let's go!
  • A+ Excellent on Paper

    The Salvation Paradox

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  • Making The Save

    Dealing With The Downside

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  • Thumbs Up

    The Radicalization of Peace

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  • Peace Is The Key To Joy

    The Actual Power of Peace

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  • Joy of Gratitude

    The Joy of Gratitude

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  • Fruit of the Spirit

    Applicants Not Supplicants

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  • Believe in Grace

    Do You Believe In Grace?

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  • Change Your Culture

    Change Your Culture

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  • God Is Not Afraid

    God Is Not Afraid

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  • Winning

    Life is Not a Test

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  • Autumn Leaves

    Memory Conversion

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  • Freedom

    God is Alive

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