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The Only Way To Success

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Sleep is a great measure of success. Every entrepreneur and business owner I know asks and answers the question, “What is keeping me up at night?” on a pretty regular basis. The fact is, when our businesses and our lives are in God’s hands, nothing keeps us up at night.

I’ve been on a long walk with God since He saved me in 1996, and one of the most challenging things about my relationship with Him is that His blessings are available and free and yet I sometimes still say “No thanks”. Why is that? Why did Israel ask for a King when God warned them against making that choice? Why do so many people reject salvation (the narrow way) and choose depression, anxiety, fear, doubt, addiction, and defeat (the broad way that leads to destruction) instead? I think it is because we, as people, value the ability to deliver the result by and for ourselves, to the point of exclusion of all other outcomes. I do have the power and the capability to fail, to die, to sin, to be overwhelmed, to give in, to give up, to accept defeat, etc all by myself. I don’t have to trust anyone else, look to anyone else, or involve anyone else to earn, deserve, and accomplish destruction. However, to achieve success I need Jesus — I need faith and trust and relationship. I need to be a member in His body and a part of His plan. Peace, sleep, joy, and fulfillment all happen when I accept Jesus and place my full, unmitigated, no caveats, no exceptions trust in Him.

No matter where you are, what business you are in, or what success or failure you have experienced, this simple truth will take your business and your life to the next level — when God offers to bless you, say “Yes!”.

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