Christianity is based upon a simple, compelling principle: the purpose of life is to have good and fulfilling relationships with Jesus Christ and with other people. In the world view of Christianity, every human being on earth has the means available to him or her for salvation; God created all people to live forever in heaven and He guarantees every human life that possibility.

At the same time, our quality of life now and forever is limited by our knowledge and decisions. From the Christian perspective, misunderstanding God’s nature, God’s purposes, or God’s answers always leads away from happiness, prosperity, success, and peace.

Salvation cannot be earned. God saves you because He loves you. Salvation is the product of accepting Jesus Christ as your one and only God and developing a genuine love for other people and for God. You reject salvation if you choose not to love others like God loves you.

Christianity is simply the most accurate understanding of reality. It provides for the greatest happiness, peace, success, and fulfillment – both in this life and in life as it continues after death to eternity because Jesus Christ actually is the one God of heaven and earth, and life according to His ways really does work better than the alternatives.

If you will honestly pursue not only an awareness of, not only an acceptance of, but actually, truly, deeply, and passionately a friendship with Jesus Christ then regardless of your background, nationality, race, gender, or personal history – you will be accepted as a child of God, an angel of heaven, and a messenger and disciple of the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ, the one and only God.

Join us as we work to share the good news of Jesus Christ with people around the world.

Believing in God’s Best For You,

Pastors Steve and Galadriel Simons