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Faith Like A Child

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Little Girl Playing PilotFaith like a child.  It’s simple, but why is it effective?  Why would Jesus ask his followers to revert to an earlier stage of development in order to discover the entrance to His kingdom?

Jesus said, “Anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it” (Mark 10), but why does this work?

The answer is not in some sentimental or aspirational assertion about the holy qualities of children that all believers are to emulate.  Anyone who has ever had children or been one can tell you that the early stages of human development are anything but perfection personified.   There are bumps, bruises, egos, anger, and selfishness right there alongside the love, hope, and innocence so often highlighted when considering this statement of Christ.

So, what was Jesus driving at when He challenged you to embrace the faith of a child?

The answer is an objective fact about being a child.

A child’s life is still all in front of them.

There isn’t a question of if it is too late for them to change.  There isn’t a doubt about whether they are capable of improving or becoming something different because they are still in the process of becoming who they are in the first place.

To have the faith of a child, you need to realize that you were created to live forever.  Your entire eternal life is still in front of you.  Whether you have lived for ten years or a hundred it is still nothing in comparison with eternity.  Your entire life is, in fact, still in front of you.  It is not too late to change your trajectory, make new choices, learn something new, start a new job, develop new relationships, or improve your attitude or your approach.  You can still become whatever you want to become.  You can still make the choice of what you want to be when you grow up.

Remember, the enemy wins when they convince you to give up.  Whatever the cause, all they need is for you to accept defeat.  And so, removing reasons to give up is a great defense against their lies.

It is never too late to make a new start, because no matter how you measure it, from birth to death, every day is a new day starting the rest of all eternity, and every life has the possibility of receiving the eternal life and salvation that God is offering.

The heart of faith is accepting that you can be more than you are — you can accomplish more, receive more, bless more, invest more, heal more, build more, connect more, rise higher, feel deeper, satisfy fuller, and rest more completely in the peace and joy that God is giving you each and every day.  And it all begins with the realization that you aren’t past your prime, you aren’t beyond hope, you aren’t in too deep to be recovered, and you aren’t too broken to be restored.  Your entire life is still in front of you.

You were planned for eternity.

You were designed for success.

You were created for joy, peace, accomplishment, and victory.

So, the next time the enemy gets you down, accuses you of being too weak, too old, too broken, too flawed, with too much baggage, too much history, or too many failures behind you, just remind yourself of this fact, today is the first day of the rest of eternity and, as they say in every investment disclaimer on Wall Street, “Past performance is not indicative of future results”.

You are not at a dead end, you are at a new beginning.

If you will embrace the fact today that you were created to last forever, you will realize that your life is still all in front of you and you will discover the child-like faith that opens the Kingdom of God to all who accept it.

So, if you have been struggling, challenged, or oppressed, feeling defeated or beyond hope, distant from God and wishing there was a way to hit the reset button, pray this prayer with me right now,

“Lord Jesus, I ask you to come into my heart, into my life, and into my circumstances.  I give up my hopelessness.  I give up my despair.  I give up my fear.  I give up my anger.  I give up my defeat.  I commit my life to you, everything that I am.  I make you my God and Savior.  Make me new in you.  I accept that I still have my entire life in front of me.  I accept that I was created by you on purpose for a purpose.  I accept that I was designed by you to last forever.  I accept that I was planned by you to make a difference and to have something to offer.  So, here I am Lord, send me.”

If you prayed that prayer, you were born again.  You are a child of God — chosen, commissioned, called, and elected.  The rest of your life is still in front you.  So get out there, get in a Bible based church, keep God first in your life, and I promise you, He is going to take you places beyond your biggest and best dreams.

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