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Right Here, Right Now

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Litte Boy Climbs LadderYou were created to make a difference in this world.  God designed you to make a unique contribution that no one else can offer.  He considered every aspect of every situation that you have faced in life and every aspect of every situation that you will face in life — God planned you on purpose for a purpose.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to connect with the people in your life and bring the presence of God, the blessings of God, and the promises of God into every moment, every decision, every relationship, every conversation, and every interaction.  You were chosen on purpose.  You were chosen not in spite of your history, but with your full story in mind.  You were chosen because your life has prepared you for today.  Bad and good, everything that has come before is now a part of making you who you are today.  And it is today that God is calling for you to make a difference.

The past is behind you, the future is in front of you, but today is immediately within your reach.  You may learn from your past and have a vision for your future, but you live right here, right now. 

Your choice to join God in the great work of making this world into a better place is not for somewhere, sometime, it is for right here, right now.

Your ability to change someone else’s life for the better is not something you do once in a lifetime or consider doing some day when it seems convenient or easy, it is something that requires you to take action right here, right now when the opportunity arises.

Your life is not a summary of your past or a dream about your future.  Your life is right here, right now.  And it is right here, right now that you are going to make a difference.  Every day is brand new with no mistakes in it.  Every day has the reason and the purpose that call you forward.  Every day has the opportunity for greatness within it.

You can remember the past.  You can envision the future.  But every choice you make is right here, right now.

This is why God’s mission for you is to re-envision the way that you connect with the people in your life right here, right now.  Do people know that you love them?  What are you doing to make sure that they do?  Are people more successful, blessed, fulfilled, and joyful because they have you in their life?  How are you investing in the people God puts in your path?  Which of God’s promises can you connect with and bring to life in the circumstances and with the people that you know today?  What is God putting on your heart today?  Where is your greatest opportunity for service?  Who are you going to reach for to bless today?  How are you going to use the time, the resources, and the connections that God is giving you today to commit yourself to bringing others into the abundant life that God has planned?

God has a vision for your life.  It is God’s plan to bless you, to heal you, to restore you, to lift you up, to provide for you, and to take you places that you’ve never even dreamed of.  And a key to receiving the best life — is to start living it right here, right now.

“But you don’t know my life.”

“You haven’t met my boss.”

“There is nothing better for me.”

“I’m stuck in a dead end.”

You know the lies.  You’ve heard the enemy.  Now hear this:

“Jesus Christ has heard it all before, seen it all before, and been where you are today.  He knows what it is like to be you.  He knows the challenges that you are facing today. He knows the opportunities and the obstacles that are stretching out in front of you.  And He is offering you the strength, the ability, the insight, and the power to make a difference right here, right now.”

Your new life starts today.  Your victory starts today.  Your success starts today.  Your peace, your joy, your overcoming start today.

You are on a mission from God.  You were chosen on purpose for a purpose.

No matter how limited, no matter how small — there is a choice that you have today to start moving in a better direction and receiving everything that God has in store.  You can commit right here, right now to living better right here, right now and forever. 

Put aside the lies that the enemy is telling you about how you just have to wait for someday, somewhere when things will be better, and start believing for the power of God to make a difference in your life right here, right now.

God is ready whenever you are.  The people in your life need you right here, right now.  The world needs you right here, right now.  The abundant life is waiting for right here, right now.

The choice is yours — right here, right now.

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