Joy of Gratitude

The Joy of Gratitude

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Joy of GratitudeGod is ready to flood you with favor.

God is ready to bless you with abundance.

God is ready to provide you with prosperity.

All it takes is a change in attitude, and you will start seeing the super-natural goodness of God in a whole new way in your life.

When you are ready to enjoy, appreciate, and accept God’s goodness, it opens the door to blessing in a way that nothing else can.  This is because God loves you, which means that He wants to be good to you and give you things that you will enjoy, use, and love.

If you tell God that you don’t like what He is giving you, you are going to discover that He starts providing in a different way.  If you respond positively to what God is giving you, you are going to discover that it becomes more of His go to way of providing for you.  The power of your gratitude is that it brings the power of multiplication to what God is able to provide for you.

The basic fact is that if you love it and receive it with joy, God is going to find a way to keep on providing it.  If, on the other hand, you don’t than God is going to keep looking for a new way to reach you with the blessings and the abundance that are on His heart to give you.

Now, I’ve heard some people prescribe the “attitude of gratitude” as some sort of ritualistic, mechanistic practice that opens the doorway to unbounded favor.  They hope that if they say the right words or do the right thing God will bless them.  This is not what I am proposing.

God wants your heart.  It can only be given freely and giving it away can only be done authentically, genuinely, and for real.  You can’t fake it ’til you make it here.

The joy of actual gratitude is heartfelt praise and acceptance of the blessings that God is showering over your life.

Joy is not a spiritual practice.  Joy is a spiritual experience.

Gratitude is not just saying,”thank you” because you feel obligated or as a matter of good training.  God isn’t just looking for you to participate with good manners and observe the proper social norms of civilized society.

God wants you to experience joy.  God wants to achieve better outcomes for you than you have experienced before.  God wants to inspire and connect with you at a whole new level.

The gratitude which God is looking for is the organic response to actual goodness and the realization of an experience of living grace.

Now, before you tell me that there’s nothing you can do about the fact that you just don’t feel thankful this Thanksgiving, but you’ll put on a good show for the kids and say all the right things at church.  Before you give up on yourself, and write off the possibility that God has plans for you, find something that you love and amplify it.

It doesn’t matter how small you start.  Maybe you love that moment when you first wake up in the morning, just before you move, while the warmth of your covers is still holding you close, and the worries of the day are still far from mind.  Or maybe you love that gentle little smile you get when you look into the eyes of someone you love.  Maybe you love a good football game, or the smell of roasting turkey.  Maybe you love that quiet ripple of the early morning shroud of mist rolling back over the water as you cast your line for a good day of fishing.

Whatever it is, take a moment to find something that you truly love, not because of any pretense or social convention, not because you feel like you should, or because someone else expects you to.  Step away from any sense of duty or compulsion and let go of any need to please or pressure to perform.  Find that simple, basic, authentic, and genuine experience of something you actually love.

Now, start expecting that kind of moment, that kind of experience, that kind of joy, that kind of gratitude in other areas of your life.

In your marriage.  In your work.  In your health.  In your business.  In your relationships.  Start building your list.

Where do you want to experience the joy of gratitude starting today?

This is what God sees when He looks at you — the opportunity to fulfill, the opportunity to love, the opportunity to succeed, the opportunity to enjoy, and more.

You are full of opportunity.  You should not settle for anything less than the actual experience of joy, fulfillment, accomplishment, health, peace, favor, and blessing because this is what God has planned for you.

God loves you.  Truly, deeply, passionately, and completely.  And nothing makes Him happier than showering you with every manner of goodness.

All you need to do is open up your attitude of expectation to the opportunity for actual favor, actual blessing, actual joy.

When you start saying “Yes!” with meaning, purpose, and intention to even the littlest acts of favor that God is offering you, it will amplify those experiences and start to open the floodgates of favor that God is seeking to give you in every area of your life.

If you will start expecting more than just some sort of mechanistic attitude of gratitude, and instead start living with the expectancy of actual favor, blessing, abundance, and joy — then you will discover that God is looking to give you far more than you ever imagined was even possible.

Make the conscious choice today to amplify something that you truly love, and then get ready to enjoy the flood of favor that God is sending your way.

The power of the joy of gratitude is not just words spoken around the Thanksgiving dinner table once a year, it is the opportunity for every human life to experience the actual presence of God, not just now and then, but in ever increasing measure, starting today.

The choice is yours.



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