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A Challenge Worth Living For

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Young Exhausted ManPurpose.  Mission.  Destiny.

Late one afternoon, out in the hill country, quite a distance from any civilization to speak of, after Jesus had been teaching a growing crowd all day, His twelve disciples came to Him and suggested, “You should send these people away to the nearby towns and farms so that they can get something to eat and find lodging for the night.  There really is nothing to eat out here in this remote place.”

Sounds reasonable.  But what Jesus said in response was anything but,

“You feed them.”

“But we have only five loves of bread and two fish. Or were you expecting us to go and buy enough food for this whole crowd?”

Jesus looked around at the more than 5000 folks gathered to hear Him tell them about the kingdom and said, “Tell them to sit down.”  Yes sir.  Sit down.  Right.  Got it.  That’s easy enough.  What does that accomplish?

What happened next is the stuff that legends are made of.  Jesus took those five loaves and two fish and He blessed them and gave them, five (that’s five) loaves and two (one…two) fish, to the twelve disciples to distribute (that’s seven items in all).  They had to divide them up just so there was something for each of the twelve to hand out.  And that is what Jesus did, He kept dividing the loaves and fish and handing them out to the disciples to distribute until everyone had some.  And after each and every one of the thousands of people sitting on that hillside had eaten their fill, at the final tally there were twelve baskets full of left overs.

So, the question is, did Jesus feed the crowds that day? or did the disciples?  It was the disciples’ five loaves and two fish that were offered and divided and distributed for all to eat, but it was Jesus’ work of breaking the bread and offering the fish that brought about the super-abundance of food that day.

When you look at your life, do you see the super-abundance of God’s favor pressing to be received or do you just see the limits of your own resources?  It doesn’t sound reasonable.  And it’s not reasonable until you open your eyes of faith.

Every life is made with a purpose.  Every person is called to a mission.  Every human being created is a person of destiny.  And that means you.  You are where you are because God needs someone like you to face what you are facing today.  You have the specific experience to make a difference.  You were designed not just to endure, but to overcome, and to make a contribution.  You were built so that the challenges that are facing you today will not defeat you, but instead will be the pavement on the path that clears the way to take your life to the next level of accomplishment, fulfillment, satisfaction, and success.

God is calling you higher.

“What do you mean?  All I hear is God asking for the impossible?  You feed them?!  Me?!!  There’s 5000 of them!”


God believes in you.  You are up to the challenge.  This is your moment.  This is your chance to make things better.  This is your opportunity to bring the power of God to bear in a new and unprecedented way.  This is the time that setting down the past hurts, the old failures, the wounds that won’t heal, and the mistakes that are holding you back and choosing to rise to the challenge, embrace the purpose for which you were created, accept the mission that God is calling you to and stepping into the destiny that God has in store you — this is the time that embracing God’s plan for your life will allow you to experience the favor that God is so ready to pour out on your life and the lives of those around you.

“You feed them.”

“Here I am Lord.  Send me.  I’ll take the bread to the hungry.  I’ll bring the water for the thirsty.  I’ll be your hands, your feet.  I’ll reach the broken and the down hearted.  I’ll visit the lonely and provide for those in need.  Here I am.  I’m ready for the challenge.  I’m built on purpose for a purpose.  I’m a person of destiny, called to a mission to make this world a better place because I have been a part of it.  I’m ready to see what you see.  I’m ready to love who you love.  I’m ready to go where you send me.

When you open the door.  When you take a step into the light.  When you believe for more.  When you accept that you are not alone.  When you see that God is ready to use you to accomplish great things in small ways.  When you know that the challenges that are facing you today are challenges worth living for, worth taking on, worth overcoming — not just for you, but for every other person who has ever or will ever face the same obstacles, the same set backs, the same health issues, the same relationship malfunctions, the same money troubles, or whatever it is that is facing you today — you are being given the opportunity to take what limited resources you have and hand out the super-abundant favor of God.

“You feed them.”

God is with you — ready to multiply your love, multiply your insights, multiply your resources, multiply your effect.  He has chosen you as the warrior on the field of battle to face this giant.  Of every person in the world, He believed His best bet was you.  And He is going to bring everything that He has to accomplish His purpose in you.

If you think your challenges are big; take a moment and realize that you are working for God.  God.  The creator.  All powerful.  God.  Your challenges are smaller than God.

“You feed them.”

So get out there and take a step in faith.  Find those five loaves, those two fish. Whether you are down to just hopes and dreams today, or you are already standing firm on the promises of God, when you take what God has already provided for you and step out in faith to accomplish something of meaning you will discover that God has so much more in store for you.  Because where you think that a few loaves and a couple of fish will only be enough for just the very beginning of what is facing you today, God is offering His super-abundant favor to multiply your efforts and provide beyond every expectation in ways that you may not have even considered possible.

Take that step.  Accept that challenge.  And then get ready to receive everything that God has promised.

“You feed them.”

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  1. Kathy Simons

    This reminds me that I may often look through the wrong end of the telescope when considering whether I can accomplish something! Thank you.

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