Born of the Spirit

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Being born again, being born of the spirit, is the central calling in every believer’s life.  Whether you are a pastor or a musician, a business executive or a garbage collector — no matter your profession or position in life your primary purpose on this earth is to be born again.  When Nicodemus, a teacher and leader in the church, was astonished by Jesus suggesting that people could be born a second time, Jesus explained that being born again was required in order to be a part of the kingdom of God, and to explain why this is, He went on to say,

“The wind blows where it wants to, and you hear its sound, but you don’t know where it is coming from, or where it is going. So is everyone who is born of the spirit” – John 3:8

Everyone who is born of the spirit, everyone who is born again lives life at a new level of awareness and is able to accomplish things that others may only understand in the most limited way.  People can see that believers are different.  Believers are able to achieve success, happiness, peace, fulfillment, and that kind of radical inner joy that cannot be compromised by what is happening around them.  However, without being born again themselves, non-believers simply can’t figure out where this level of purpose, dedication, commitment, faith, and vision are coming from or where they are going.  In other words, they can see that something is working for those who are born again, but they aren’t sure why and they aren’t sure if it is just a coincidence or if there is actually a permanent improvement in the lives of those who follow Christ and accept His teaching.

So, which side of the line do you find yourself on today?  Have you committed your life to Christ?  Have you embraced the opportunity to change your life for the better both now and forever?  Are you living your best life now?  Experiencing all the blessings that God has in store for you?  Or are you finding it hard to commit?  Are you unsure what to commit to?  Do you think you have committed but you haven’t seen any results?  Did you commit to something a while ago, but haven’t really done anything about it since?

Here’s the secret to every believer’s success — Jesus offers answers to life’s questions that require complete commitment.  You can’t be “sort of” Christian any more than you can be “sort of” born.  Either you have been born again or you have not.  It’s a commitment.  It’s a permanent change.  And like any commitment, you only reap the benefits if you are actually, fully, 100% dedicated, with no compromise.  It’s like marriage, you can’t be “sort of” married, and people who try to be discover that it is not fulfilling, successful, or joyful.  The fact is, the only way to discover the full benefits of marriage is to be 100% committed to your spouse and to God without looking back, and expecting the same of them.  And its like that with life as well. Too many people try to live life without any intention of following through.  Trying to find some sort of safe middle road that doesn’t offend anyone too badly, that seems reasonable and acceptable to most people, and that doesn’t require any significant change to how they see the world or live their lives.  They may “commit their life to Christ” in the same way that some people try “a starter marriage” before they get to the real thing.  But the tragedy is, for those who lack commitment and an understanding of the life of faith, their experience as a believer will only be limited and will likely end in disappointment, just like those who believe in starter marriages condemn themselves to the tragedy and heartache of a breakup.  Being born again is kind of like marriage, a lot of people focus on the wedding and expect the rest to just happen on its own, when, in fact, the wedding itself is only significant because it marks the beginning of the marriage.  It’s like life, while it is extremely significant that you were born, it is perhaps more relevant that you are alive.

When Jesus explained that every person must be born again in order to enter the kingdom of God, He was revealing that every life has the opportunity to experience a complete overhaul, a revolutionary change for the better that takes us to a new level of understanding, a new level of vision, a new level of decision making, a new level of accomplishment, success, fulfillment, peace, happiness, the list goes on.  The benefits of being born again are limitless and eternal, and to get them started in your own life, all it requires is a commitment without compromise.  A choice that will require every day of your life for as long as you live.  A decision that will determine your bedrock, your foundation, your direction, and your destiny.  You can’t go halfway.  It’s all or nothing and it will take everything you’ve got.  Look at your life today.  Choose today, and today could be your spiritual birthday, the first day of the rest of your life.  If this is what you want, then tell Jesus today,

“I want to be a Christian.  I commit my life, my thoughts, my stuff, and my heart to you.  Everything that I have and that I am are yours.  You are the only God for me.  From now on, I want to see what you see, I want to know what you know, I want to love who you love, I want to do what you do.  Nothing will stop me this time.  No weapon formed against me will prosper.  No distraction, obstacle, or challenge will take me away from you.  No doubt will turn me from my purpose to seek and to accomplish your will.  I know and I believe that you have great things in store for me.  I’m yours Lord, save me.”

If you prayed that prayer, than you have been born again.  Get in a good, Bible-based church, and get ready to experience all of the promises that God has in store.  He is going to take you places that you’ve never even dreamed of.

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