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Get ReadyGet ready.  God is about to do something big.

“Yeah…right…about that…”

Have you gotten to a place where it seems hard to believe?  Are you ready for someone else to do something for you for a change?  Does it seem like the ancient Greek saying so often attributed to Ben Franklin is the moral of your life story — “God helps those who help themselves“?

“Well God, I’m working.  I’m working hard.  I’m doing it.  I’m making it happen.  Every day.  What about you?”

Get ready.  God is about to do something big.

For real.

What are you believing for?  Or maybe, more importantly, what does it look like to believe?

If you believe, you will act on it.  So, if you are unwilling to act on it, do you really believe?

“But Steve, I’m waiting for God do so something.  When I see Him move, I’ll be right behind Him.”

God is already ahead of you.  God is already moving.  If you think you are ahead of God, either your eyes aren’t open or you aren’t paying attention.

Are you ready?  Really?  No, seriously.

Are you ready for God to move your challenges, clear your health, change your perspective, open the way, connect you with the resources and the people who will make the difference?

A better way to say “What are you believing for?” is to ask “What are you ready for?”

Get ready.

Jesus told the story of two groups of young women waiting for a party to start.  Now, one group was prepared and the other was thinking they would get ready once the party started.  But what they discovered was that when the party finally showed up it was too late to get ready.  They couldn’t take advantage of the party because they weren’t prepared.  While they were getting their act together the party passed them by (Matthew 25).

God is already going before you to accomplish great things.  The question is, are you prepared for what is coming your way?

Are you ready for anything? Or are you only preparing yourself for defeat, mediocrity, and more of the same?

Too often it can seem easier to wish for a better life, but instead prepare yourself for the same life you are already living.  The problem with this approach is that there is a fundamental misalignment between you and God.  You may be telling yourself that you are waiting on God, but the fact is you aren’t expecting Him to show up.  Like those young women who figured they would get ready once the party arrived you will discover that the best opportunities in life are passing you by because you weren’t prepared at the moment you needed to be.

Stop telling yourself that no one is coming for you.  Stop telling yourself that it all depends on you.  Stop telling yourself that all that is left for you is a wish and a prayer.

God is alive.  God is moving.  God is already working to bring you to a new level of victory, success, abundance, prosperity, health, well-being, fulfillment, intimacy, understanding, peace, and joy.

So stop making excuses and get ready.

What can you do today to get prepared for what God is working in your life?

Stop believing the lies of the enemy that say “Pray if you want to, but nothing is going to change”, “You are on your own here”, “No one is coming”, and “This is the best that you are ever going to achieve”.

A super-natural flood of favor is headed your direction.  So, get ready.  Be prepared.  Start expecting the goodness of God.

Stop wishing.  Start believing.

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