God’s Will is Perfect. God’s Will Be Done.

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At the heart of every conversation with God is the opportunity to know His will.

And at the heart of God’s will is infinite love for you, and a passionate, persistent, dedicated, and instense drive to bless you.

When God’s will is accomplished, its results are amazing.  This is because God knows you and everyone else so well that He can provide for the best outcomes in every situation.  And that is what He wants to do.  He is the giver.  He is the provider.  He is the creator.  His will has no limits and His vision sees every possibility.  His willingness to invest in you is unlimited and His readiness to commit to your success is always immediate.  But for all the omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and everything that God brings to His side of your relationship with Him, there are still limits you can place on God’s will being done.  Your willingness to believe and readiness to receive the blessings He is so urgently working to give you and the answers He provides for you — can open the door to radical blessings, or can stand in the way of achieving success and fulfillment.

The choice is yours.

And don’t forget.  This is not a one time offer.  This is not a limited time deal.  This is not a use it or lose it proposition.  This is forever and always.  This is the will of the creator and sustainer of the universe.  This is the opportunity of a lifetime for a lifetime — it never expires. His offer is perpetual.  His patience is infinite.  And you can say no every day, every time you think of it and still He won’t withdraw His offer.  You can buy the competitor’s product.  You can even sell the competitor’s product. You can do every contrary, dysfunctional, twisted, and evil thing you can think of and still God will be looking for the next opportunity to work with you and accomplish His will for your life.  Because God is playing for keeps.  His purposes are eternal and He always goes the distance with every person He creates.  God never gives up. And while He consistently respects your boundaries, and refuses to invade your space, His blessings will chase you down and overtake you when you aren’t expecting it.  He will surprise and delight you even if you only give Him the smallest opening.  And once you open the door, even ever so slightly, God is going to start bringing everything He has and handing it over to you. The blessings may come faster than you notice them or more subtly than you can resist them at first.  But open your eyes and you will see that every time you listen, every time you look, every time you step out in faith — God is right there ready to hand you the victory, bring you the success, give you the answers, and fulfill the dreams of your heart that you never believed possible before.

God is not going to give up. God is a very persistent giver.  He is going to take every opportunity to show you the value of His will, to demonstrate the quality of His blessings, and to send His gifts in such abundance that sooner or later you will take notice.  Don’t let this opportunity keep passing you by.  God’s will is perfect, and its perfect for you. Take the time to talk to Him about it. Open yourself up to the fact that His will is worth pursuing not because its His, but because its the best possible outcome in every situation.  And then get ready to receive, because when you give God the permission He will fill your life up to full and overflowing with good things.  He will give you the desires of your heart, and bless you in ways that you haven’t even imagined.  God’s will, will be done.  And that’s the best possible outcome for every situation.

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