Roman soldier surprised by angel at Jesus tomb

Turning The Tables

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Roman soldier surprised by angel at Jesus tombThe enemy would like you to think that being under attack, being challenged, or facing an obstacle is enough reason in itself to give up, accept defeat, and lower your expectations for the future.  However, God has a different plan for you.

It’s time for you to turn the tables on the enemy.  It’s time to change the way that you are thinking about the very things that challenge you the most.  

Rather than accepting how the enemy sees you and your life, take what the enemy intends for your harm, and accept that God has it planned for your victory.  God needs you where you are, because He has a victory planned and you are a key player in making it happen.  You are called, you are chosen, and this is your time.

Far from being discouraged when you face adversity, you should be excited that you have the opportunity to cooperate with God in accomplishing His purposes and delivering His life, grace, peace, joy, health, and success into a new area, conquering new territory where God is not yet felt, received, or accepted.

It could be somewhere in your own life where you have not yet accepted God’s grace, God’s provision, or God’s healing.  It could be somewhere in someone else’s life.  Either way, when you are facing a challenge you can be sure that you a standing on the boundaries of God’s kingdom with the opportunity to expand His influence and make a difference in your life or the life of someone else.

The fact is, the enemy only wins if you hand them the victory.  If you do not accept defeat, than you cannot be defeated.  

The enemy would like you to believe that you have already lost.  And when they can’t convince you of that, the enemy will shoot for convincing you that you can’t win.  All because the only way they win is if you give up and hand them the victory.

So, rather than expecting defeat and hoping for a victory, you should be turning the tables on the enemy and expecting a victory even in the presence of defeat.

Even when the doctor’s report is telling you there is no hope.  Even when your key customer decides to go with a competitor.  Even when you feel distant from or are fighting with the people you love.  Whatever the challenge, the enemy is attacking your desire for victory.  And when you accept that you are standing on new territory, standing on the boundaries of God’s reach in your life, standing on the precipice of hope and opportunity, suddenly the darkness becomes light around you, the fear becomes clarity, the doubt becomes vision, and the tables turn in your favor.

Consider this, Jesus was defeated over and over again throughout His entire life even to the point of being unjustly tried, convicted, and executed for crimes He did not commit.  But what the enemy didn’t understand was that it was through these defeats that Jesus Christ accomplished a lasting, eternal, and complete victory for all people for all time.  It was in His moments of greatest weakness and defeat that Jesus accomplished His greatest success. 

The beauty of God’s plan is that it is designed to turn all things to your good — all.

Winston Churchill was once quoted as saying, “If you are going through hell, keep going”.

The fundamental fact is that every victory is built on the foundation of defeats not accepted.

The irony is, in their vain attempts to hold you back, hold you down, and destroy you, the enemy is actually opening up their greatest vulnerability, the fact that you don’t have to accept anything that they have to offer.

When you refuse to accept defeat, God will give you the victory.

Disease. Death. Bankruptcy. Debt. Conflict. Isolation. Fear. Anger.

Whatever you are facing today, turn the tables on the enemy.  Realize that you are standing on the furthest reaches of God’s kingdom in your life and make the decision to claim the place where you find yourself in the name of Jesus.  Start looking at your challenges as opportunities, and your setbacks as building blocks.  Change your approach from accepting defeat, to expecting victory.  And open up your life to the grace, the truth, and the life that God has in store for you.

You are chosen.  You are called.  You are gifted.  You are empowered.  You are in the right place at the right time to make a difference.

No one else is where you are, facing the challenges you are facing, with the opportunity to turn the tables on the enemy and expand the reach of God’s kingdom into your specific circumstances and relationships.

It’s your time.  It’s your battle.  It’s your victory.  It’s your opportunity.  Don’t let this one pass you by.

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