You Are A Priest

The word “Ordain” means to officially “select” or “choose”. By this logic, business owners and managers ordain employees every day.  Every four years the United States ordains a President.  And many communities, from local churches, to neighborhood associations, to non-profits, and businesses ordain leaders to support and direct their purposes. But more importantly, today and every day,


A Few Little Keys to the Kingdom

Jesus left more than a few keys of the kingdom in the hands of his followers.  He never intended that anyone would horde them, or intentionally deprive others of them for their own selfish gain.  But starting with the first apostles, and then bishops, and then popes that is exactly what happened — people used the


Every Believer is a Priest

Setting apart “Holy Men” is not Biblical.  God’s vision for the human race is that every human being will know Him, feel His love, understand His priorities, see His vision for their lives, and study His Word prayerfully for answers to their life’s questions.  The Christian priesthood, in copying the Aaronic priesthood of the Old Testament, set


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